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How I went from crippling social anxiety to business owner and international speaker

As I looked around the room, I wondered if it were true.

Everyone around me was obnoxiously loud, outspoken, and seemingly confident in their own skin even though we were awkward teenagers with mouths full of braces.

My teacher had just announced a list of students he claimed would without-a-doubt become successful in life….

And I wasn’t one of them.

Every day I would wake up anxious for the day before it started. I dreaded being in any social setting – God forbid getting called on by a teacher and having to speak in front of the class.

The question “Why are you so quiet?” was one I heard on a regular basis.

The truth is I’d always been quiet, but it wasn’t until my shyness turned to extreme social anxiety that I started questioning whether I’d ever be able to function like a normal person in society.

And on the day my teacher publicly excluded me from the “Kids Who Will Be Successful” list, I knew the answer.

I accepted my future that life had already planned out for me until my final year, when something inside me switched…

I decided I was done being controlled by my anxiety. I wanted to overcome it.

I was ready.

But I didn’t know how.

While I set the intention to find a way, I continued down a path that most of society deems normal …

I got into university on an elite athletic scholarship, got my first job working for pennies as an airport cleaner, and saw the next four years of my life being perfectly mapped out for me.

The only problem was that I kept failing in all social situations, and pretty soon started failing at something even bigger…

“Dear Mr Ethan Donati… The University has reviewed your results for Semester 1 and found that they are below the minimum required for satisfactory progress…”

"I remember opening the email like it was yesterday"

I remember opening the email like it was yesterday.

Despite how hard I’d tried to put myself out of my comfort zone and continue living a “normal” life, my anxiety consumed me – and ultimately – my first year of university.

I failed.

It wasn’t until I took a year off, went back to finish, and sat at the back of the room during a lecture that it hit me…

Maybe I could overcome my anxiety and get my message out by helping other people communicate theirs…

And not just any people… but the people I related to the most. Entrepreneurs.

I realized I related to entrepreneurs since they’re the black sheep. The ones who feel different; the ones who challenge society standards, the ones who are told they’ll most likely “fail”, and the ones who have a message to put into the world…

I figured out the best way to help entrepreneurs do just that was through digital marketing, so I starting dedicating every waking hour to mastering my craft.

Less than a year later, I became a university student building million-dollar advertising campaigns and helping businesses around the world monetize their messages.

I started speaking in front of audiences of 1000’s of people and teaching business owners the secrets behind 7-figure funnels…

Sharing a stage with Gary Vaynerchuk and Janine Allis…

Getting invited to teach over 260 students at the university that once deemed me as “failing”. ..

What started as a personal goal to overcome social anxiety quickly turned into an international digital marketing agency that helps clients from around the world reach their ideal customers.

Our mission is to help thought leaders and businesses monetize their message through digital advertising – ditching the outdated word-of-mouth strategy and replacing it with powerful automated sales funnels.

With our unique, exclusive approach using neuromarketing we’re able to predict advertising success and get your message in front of the right customers at the right time – bringing you more business and increasing your bottom line in record time.

If you have a message to spread and customers to reach, we’re here to help you do it on a global scale.

With kindness,


CEO of My Million Dollar Funnels

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We are the only digital agency with full neuromarketing capabilities. This allows us to predict the success of any advertisement with pinpoint precision
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What is my million dollar funnels?

We are the digital marketing company that is going to lead you through the 21st Century. Gone are the times of bureaucracy, excessive ‘experience’ and simple billboard and newsletter advertising. To succeed in today’s world it is about RELEVANCE. We put our time into learning the newest techniques that work TODAY so we stay relevant which means you stay relevant.

Our mission

Our mission & values are very simple. We aren’t necessarily motivated by creating funnels, campaigns and strategies but we ARE motivated by changing our clients lives. And thats what makes us different. When we see a client stand across the room, giddy with excitement, or we receive an email from a client saying that we have disrupted their thinking, changed their life and that they couldn’t sleep from excitement. THAT’s what motivates.


Reporting is essential for any project to ensure relevant KPI’s are being met. We put an emphasis in not only providing consistent reports but breaking these down in an easy to understand format for our clients.

Our core promises

Our 4 core promises that we deliver each time every time.

Relevant strategies

We will give you a strategy that works today not yesterday. Stay relevant and results will pile on


Quick turnarounds to avoid time wasting.

Clear deliverables

A clear plan of action and clear deliverables will be set to manage expectations on both sides

World class development

Whether it is your funnel, advertising campaign or website we will provide the utmost professionalism to execute it at the highest standard possible.

Our clients love what we do

You will be continually updated with important key metrics and analysis as the campaigns run.

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