My Million Dollar Funnels has a global team which means we are 24/7. We can respond to your question or concern anywhere and at anytime
Automating your lead generation not only will bring you leads on autopilot but it will also reduce your advertising cost
Scale Your Business Online With Your Custom Made Sales Funnel
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Million Dollar Funnels
Creating a million dollar funnel takes precision, patience and a lot of talent. If this is your goal, we'll build it.
We are the only digital agency with full neuromarketing capabilities. This allows us to predict the success of any advertisement with pinpoint precision
Unlock Your Customer Avatar
Specific A/B Testing To Unlock Your Ideal Client. We Then Target Them With The Right Message At The Right Time
Open Communication
The most important metric for a successful client relationship is communication. We provide lots of it so you're never left in the dark!
Unprecedented Results
Unlike digital marketing 'gurus' we don't make money selling courses. We provide real measurable results for our clients.
We are always on time and over deliver in our speed to market for our clients

Your Biggest Problem

Over a 30 minute phone call, we will assess your biggest marketing problem and deliver a solution to start getting you results

Implement & Develop

Next we will implement this plan from start to finish. Whether that is building out a complex sales funnel or automating lead generation we have it covered for you

Consistent Data Reporting

You will be continually updated with important key metrics and analysis  as the campaigns run.


Here are a selection of clients that have shared their experience with My Million Dollar Funnels. For more case studies please contact us directly

“Do Whatever You Can To Meet This Guy! He Made Us A Tonne Of Profits” – Reshveen Rajendran, Director Of Buffett Online School,  Singapore

All I wanted was for Ethan to get me double what I paid him. Ladies & Gentlemen, Ethan didn’t just get me double what I paid him. He got me EIGHT times what I paid him!!” – Karen Fraser, South Africa
I’ve never seen anyone achieve lower ad cost, lower cost per customer and better conversion rates. He is getting far better quality leads for far less money ” – Les Evans, Canada
“We never have had this many leads for this low cost! We had to hire more staff.” – Sam, Newcastle
“He lowered my ad cost by over 50% can you believe it?!” – Ruth, Singapore
“When I started I had one employee, I now have 6. As soon as Ethan took over it just blew up!” – Christyan, Perth

The Million Dollar Difference

To create the most successful campaigns, it comes down to your marketing ecosystem. This involves both long term and short term strategies to get you the best results. We have 4 core pillars in achieving unprecedented results. These are: The funnels themselves, the advertising, Neuromarketing and finally, having clear targets

Million Dollar Funnels
Whether you want to automate your lead generation, scale your online sales or even get more attendees at your public events we will create a tailor made funnel for you.
A core element of your results will be based in digital advertising. Facebook, Instagram & Google are the most commonly used platforms. We also offer a content creation bundle for social media as a long term strategy
We are the only digital agency with a fully fledged Neuromarketing arm. Why is this important?
Neuromarketing is the single most accurate predictor of advertising success. Which means you save substantially on ad spend.
This also includes Eye-Tracking for website performance
Targets & KPIs
Essential to any advertising success is having clear targets & KPI's set in stone. These need to be reviewed regularly to keep both us and you on track
testimonial-team (Demo)

“(Hire) Ethan Donati, that’s if you want the (money), if you’re just playing around then any of the above”


“Ethan reduced my marketing cost by over 50%!”


“In not even 2 months we have over 400 leads and have had to employee more staff to handle them all”


“Thanks to a combination of the course, Ethan Donati and this entire community. I have ads running on Facebook at $0.002 per play. My recording studio is on the first page of Google locally &because of that we just got hit up by a dude who’s good friends with one of today’s biggest artists. I now have backstage passes to this artists show and am producing beats for his friend.

Business has doubled and life could potentially change drastically for me!”

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